Motion Raceworks V2 LS Flex Line Coolant Crossover Steam Kit for Low Pro Plastic Intakes 10-10006

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Motion Raceworks V2 LS Flex Line Coolant Crossover Steam Kit for Low Pro Plastic Intakes 10-10006

Motion Raceworks all new V2 Flex Line steam kit is the solution to your LS1 coolant crossover/steam kit issues facing stock and aftermarket low profile plastic intake manifolds. 

Many aftermarket intakes and some stock intakes do not have clearance under the intake to run a proper steam kit coolant crossover setup.  We have proven this kit for the Fast 92, LS6, LS1, LS2, LS3.  We will NOT return this kit if you order for another intake and it does not fit.  There are too many variations.  This kit is 100% made in the USA and designed by Motion Raceworks.  Parts are machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum. Also utilizes top quality Fragola lines.  This kit allows you to have a high flow 4 CORNER coolant crossover with a common manifold.  This kit will work with stock LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS intakes and other variations of LS engines.  Do not risk premature engine failure due to blocking off rear coolant crossover/steam ports.  These kits are recommended by nearly all aftermarket engine builders! (Fast 92 intake pictured).

Note:  This kit comes with a -4AN male fitting to return coolant back to your RADIATOR.  No line is included as routing and length varies depending on application.  We always suggest running the coolant crossover return line to a fitting just below the radiator cap.  This allows the pressure and air to be sent to an area just below the radiator cap, allowing the radiator cap to release pressure as intended thereby removing the steam/pressure from the system.  Plumbing to the water pump risks reintroducing steam/air pressure back into the system. 

This kit will work with stock LS intakes (not a truck intake). This kit also works with Fast 92 Intakes, as well as a variety of others.  DOES NOT FIT THE FAST 102 intake.

Kit includes the following:

  • (4) Corner manifolds w/ AN fittings
  • (1) 5-Port Common Manifold
  • (1) Mounting Bracket
  • (4) Black coated Fragola lines
  • All necessary hardware

***Note: No radiator return line included. 4AN line/fittings are available on our website***

4AN Line:

4AN Straight Hose End:

4AN 90 Degree Hose End:

Installing a Steam Kit? Watch this Video

Learn where to "return" your coolant crossover kit to by watching this video. Very Important!