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Mild Steel T5 Turbo Flange Divided Inlet 1/2" thickness w/ weld on mounting bracket

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These T5 flanges are absolutely a must have for anyone building a turbocharger setup. Mounting and properly supporting your turbo is essential to longevity of the expensive investment of a turbo system. If you have ever mounted a turbo without this mount you will know it is no easy task and building a mount without interfering with piping or running into the turbo housing is no easy task. Our turbo flanges are CNC laser cut from 1/2"Mild Steel to make for a very durable and sturdy platform for your turbo to mate to and be supported and at a price that is the same or less than a standard flange. ​Comes with chassis/bracket weld tab as seen in picture.​This is a T5 turbocharger flange with a divided, split, or twin scroll style layout. This flange can be used with any divided style housing such as Borg Warner, Bullseye, Forced Inductions, Precision, Garrett, s400, s480, s476, s475, s484 and many more.