Stroud 420 Comp Eliminator Pilot Spring Parachute (420-01)


Stroud - 420-01

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use


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Stroud 420 Comp Eliminator Parachute

Stroud safety has a long standing tradition for being the best safety gear in the industry and Made in the USA! This is why we teamed up with them to offer the best gear to go along with our top quality parachute systems.

Stroud parachutes are designed to stop your car efficiently and safely allowing for a soft deployment for minimal chassis disruption. The Comp Eliminator 420 parachute is one of the most popular chutes covering cars up to 3400 lbs. This is designed to be used as a single parachute. please refer to the pictures in this ad to find out which parachute is correct for your application

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