Strange Enginering Dual Master Cylinder 1.032" Bore B3360TABK

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Strange Engineering - B3360TABK


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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Vehicles with front and rear manual disc brakes
Normally used with single or two piston calipers in front and four piston in the rear
This is assuming Drag Race brakes as factory calipers may require more fluid volume
Brake pressure will be delivered equally out of both ports
Use of an adjustable proportioning valve is highly recommended

Using All Wheel Disc brakes
Use 2 lb. residual pressure valves if mounted at or below the level of the calipers

Using With Drum Brakes
Any line supplying drum brakes will require a 10 lb. residual pressure valve

5.5 to 1 pedal ratio

Port closest to the push-rod flows the most volume of fluid
This port needs to be plumbed to the brakes requiring more capacity

Assembly Includes

  • Aluminum Master Cylinder With Plastic Reservoir
  • 1.032″ bore size
  • Cast aluminum body anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Flange for firewall mounting – 21/64″ holes on 3.187″ centers
  • Provisions for side mounting – .390″ holes on 5 1/2″ centers
  • 1/2″-20 brake line holes with brass inverted flare seats

Additional Components

  • 3/8″-24 x 4.200″ long push-rod
  • Push-rod locking grommet
  • Dust boot to protect piston bore
  • 1/2″-20 brass inverted flare adapters for 3/16″ brake line
  • 3/16″ brake line nuts

Silicone Brake Fluid Is Not Recommended