Stainless Steel Exhaust Trim Ring (Single, 3"-5")

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Motion Raceworks - TR350SS


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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

3" through 5" Exhaust Trim ring for wastegate dumps, because your wastegate down pipe can emit oil, fuel, moisture as well! This Stainless Exhaust Trim Ring will give an extremely clean finish to the body panel you are passing your exhaust through. For safety and weight reasons it has become very popular for turbocharged, supercharged, nitrous, as well as naturally aspirated cars to run exhaust out of your fenders/or other body panels instead of shooting exhaust on the ground where it can potentially spray oil, fuel, or moisture on the ground where your tires will run over it. These stainless rings are cnc laser cut and are .5" OVERSIZED PER EXHAUST SIZE. THIS MEANS IF YOU ORDER FOR 3" EXHAUST YOU WILL RECEIVE A TRIM RING WITH 3.5" ID INNER HOLE SIZE. Included in the kit is one stainless trim ring, as well as 1/8" pop rivets for clean and secure installation.


*DISCLAIMER* If you don't read the above example on sizing, you will not understand sizing.  We list these in title and in description PER EXHAUST SIZE.  For this reason we will NOT exchange trim rings due to your inability to read.  Please read description and be responsible for your own actions.  We will not eat shipping, take time to exchange trim rings, or be harassed due to failure to read and comprehend.  

Click Here to watch a sure fire way on how to mark and install a trim ring for a perfect fit everytime!