S550 Mustang Manual Master Cylinder Kit 15/16 Bore Master

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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

S550 Mustang Manual Master Cylinder Kit 15/16 Bore Master 20-171

Our Manual Brake Master cylinder kit utilizes a billet firewall mounting plate CNC'd from 6061 Aluminum. This plate is designed to utilize a Strange Engineering Mopar Dual Master Cylinder or a Wilwood Tandem Dual Outlet Master Cylinder. This requires you to drill your brake pedal for the master cylinder pushrod Kit includes all hardware necessary, Wilwood 15/16 Bore Tandem Dual Outlet Master Cylinder.

Note: Master cylinder need to match the brake system they are being used with. To access our Brake Calculator page to determine what is best for your vehicle click the following link:


  • 5.8:1 Pedal Ratio optimized for manual brakes
  • Billet Manual Master Cylinder Firewall Plate
  • Wilwood 15/16 Bore Tandem Dual Outlet Master Cylinder
  • Hardware for Installation
  • Fittings for Master Cylinder

*This kit does not have a push rod included, it uses the stock push rod

Note: Slight modification to existing bolt holes on firewall needed to accommodate brake plate. Additionally, factory pedal assembly needs to be removed and studs going through firewall to hold factory master cylinder need to be removed from pedal assembly by cutting as bolts will be put in place

Installation Instructions:

S550 Manual Master Cylinder Kit Instructions

Note: This kit improves the brake pedal ratio for use with manual brakes vs. power brakes.  While sharing the original bolt pattern, this requires you to modify the existing hole where the master cylinder goes through the firewall to accommodate the stronger ratio. 

Note: Due to the difference in pedal travel based off of the required manual master cylinder ratio, brake light switch may require modification to work properly based off of pedal position.

Watch this video to understand the proper pedal ratio and master cylinder size for your vehicle

 Do's and Don'ts for proper master cylinder setup: Must Watch!