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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

RIFE Transmissions Sensor Easy Wire Combo Kit (Converter & Line Pressure) Plus Temp Sensor


  • 16-00002 Transmission Sensor Block w/ Bracket 
  • RIFE 6 wire DT Harness 52-1034 (9ft long)
  • M5 quick connect sensor cable
  • RIFE Liquid Temp Sensor M5 connect
  • Corresponding Weld Bung

*Note: Please choose temp sensor thread size when adding to the cart*

Wiring transmission sensors can be an after thought, and with tight spaces making that wiring easier and cleaner is a huge plus. Luckily the RIFE Transmission Sensor Easy Wire Combo Kit makes this a simple thing.

Utilizing our Dual Sensor block which connects via Deutsch DT Plug, this requires only one sensor power and one sensor ground to supply for up to 4 sensors, or in this case two pressure sensors and one liquid temp sensor.

This block comes with converter charge pressure (300PSI) and line pressure (300PSI) with 3AN ports so that you can plumb into your ports and leave connected when pulling the transmission. The extra m5 quick connect wiring option for the temp sensor means simply connect both ends and you are off and running.

Provided is a 9 foot long Deutsch connector with Tefzel wire which will reach directly to your ECU for easy termination and clean wiring.


For More Information on the RIFE Transmission Pressure Block

Motion RIFE Transmission Pressure Sensor Block & Mount 300/300 PSI 16-00002 for TH400 and Powerglide Transmission

300PSI sensor: Converter Pressure

300PSI sensor: Line Pressure

Automatic transmission and torque converter technology continues to evolve and improve.  Racers take driveshaft, engine rpm, and transmission pressure data to refine their strategy, converter setup, and dump valves.  

This mount bolts to the pan bolts on your Turbo 400 or Powerglide transmission and gives you the ability to plumb up sensors for Line and Converter PSI so that the plumbing stays with your transmission and it is as simple as disconnecting the main Deutsch connector to remove a transmission and the associated sensors.  

This dual sensor tucks up into the back of the transmission to allow for clearing trans tunnels, exhaust, and other items that would normally be in the way.

RIFE innovative dual silicone isolated sensors are more accurate, withstand vibrations better, and makes wiring easier. 


-Easier wiring: Sensors share ground and 5v reference for easier sensor wiring.  One  Deutsch connector makes for easier routing and less plugins.

-Out of the way: This moves sensors to an area that is generally open so that sensors are not in your way of installing and removing fittings on to the transmission where space is limited.

-Dual Isolated sensors: less prone to failure from vibration due to innovative RIFE pod sensor style design. 

-Easy swap sensors: If you want to change to a different PSI sensor or replace, changeovers are easy.  

-Plumbing stays with the transmission.  Meaning less things to hookup once the transmission is in the chassis.  

-Adjustable mounting: Slide block forward or backward to clear other dump valves, solenoids, etc.


-RIFE 300/300 PSI Dual Sensor Block with 3AN male inlets

-Anodized Aluminum Mounting Bracket

-Necessary hardware


*Note: Unlike most Motion Raceworks family of products, these sensors like most electronics are not 100% Made in the USA. While we diligently attempt to source all US electronic components, we have not been able to source everything domestically. 


For pressure sensor 300PSI dataClick Here

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