RIFE 3.5G 3 Axis G-Meter Accelerometer w/ Cable

RIFE - 52-1110

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use


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RIFE 3.5G 3 Axis G-Meter Accelerometer w/ Cable

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Accelerometer / G-Meter data can be extremely useful in tuning and understanding the performance of your race car. Overlaying G-meter data over the top of driveshaft data can help you pin point areas for improvement and also reference points that may not be visible in driveshaft or wheel speed data. Additionally some tuners will setup Accelerometer conditions in the tune for traction control, parachute deployment and more!

RIFE 3 axis G-Meter offers an X, Y, and Z axis data channels sharing one 5v sensor input and one sensor ground. Our accelerometer is designed and conditioned to give an out of box signal that is useful out of the box on today's popular data collection systems and ECUs. If you have configurable 0-5v Input channels, you can utilize this. With a 3.5 G threshold, this G-Meter is applicable and perfect for almost any drag racing vehicle on the market!

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  • 3 Axis, 3.5G Each Axis
  • 0-5V Analog Outputs
  • Conditioned Signals and Liquid Filled Housing for Reduced Noise
  • 9' IP67 Sealed, M8 Shielded Cable

Wiring: (when using supplied RIFE M8 harness)

Gray – Ground

Blue +5V

Brown – X-Axis Output to ECU

White – Y-Axis Output to ECU

Black – Z-Axis Output to ECU