Reversible Mechanical Hex Drive Fuel Pump Belt Drive / Cable Drive Bracket (Adjustable)

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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Reversible Mechanical Hex Drive Fuel Pump Belt Drive / Cable Drive Bracket

When building a vehicle, it is sometimes difficult to decide, understand, or know for sure where you want to place components and on what side. 

After having many customers call back to return or request the opposite side bracket, we came up with a solution that solves many problems!  Buy once and know with confidence you know you have what is needed.  

This bracket is reversible, meaning you can unbolt the bearing / shaft portion of the bracket and flip over the adjustable mounting location to change from Driver or Passenger side mounting options.  In addition, for further adjustment, the lower 3 bolt attachment can be adjusted either direction for smaller adjustments in tight spaces.

This features a dual bearing support for the 5/8" keyed shaft. The rear side of the shaft is a 3/8" hex for compatibility with cable drive cables, hex drive fuel pumps and adapters.


  • 3 Bolt Standard Fuel Pump Adapters Bolt Up
  • Can Adapt to a Cable Adapter using 3 bolt adapter
  • 3/8" Industry Standard Hex Drive Connection in Rear
  • 5/8" keyed shaft 
  • Reversible / Flippable 
  • Bolt together design offers unlimited versatility

If you wish to use this bracket to drive a cable drive cable, you will need to add this cable drive adapter to your cart: