Motion Throttle Cable Bracket for ICON 92/102mm for GM Fbody style cable 18-11009-2

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Motion Raceworks - 18-11009-2


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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Motion Throttle Cable Bracket for ICON 92/102mm for GM Fbody style cable 18-11009-2

Throttle Cables and Throttle cable bracket options can be confusing and complex given the amount of different intakes on the market.  So we set out to create an affordable, great functioning, adjustable throttle cable bracket that could be used in multiple orientations.

Works with GM F-body style throttle cable (see pictures). Cable not included.


  • Black Anodized for simple and clean look
  • Adjustable Sliding bracket makes for easy adjustment/tension of cable
  • Can be used standard and in some cases flipped orientation 

Compatible Intakes:

  • Holley Hi Ram series
  • Texas Speed SR-1 & SR-3 
  • LS3 Car ( requires Map Sensor Relocation )
  • Fast LSXR 92
  • Frankenstein Iceman
  • Shearer Fab LoPro Intercooler 
  • BTR Trinity

Incompatible Intakes:

  • Gen V Truck intakes 
  • LT4 blowers
  • LS7
  • LS2
  • Shearer Fab LoPro Intercooler with Flipped TB
  • LS3 with Flipped TB
  • TBSS/NBSS With Flipped Throttle body
  • LSA
  • Race Sniper Intake
  • TSP Flipped 
  • SBF Sideways Holley Intakes
  • Fast LSXR 102
  • BTR Equalizer

*Note: This may not fit all intakes and all orientations.  Please give us a call or consult listing prior to assuming or purchasing if your intake is not listed.

*Note: This should be able to work with other brand throttle bodies, though we can not guarantee on any fitment but Motion 

*Note: Factory 98+ F body pedals combined with this mount will not work due to the shorter throw of the factory throttle body cam, which will require you to use an adjustable cable, such as the Motion Raceworks Cable.