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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Mono Cord Pro Steering Wheel Wiring System 15-00017

Easily wire and support up to 4 steering wheel buttons while using only one cord while adding a very convenient and usable quick disconnect.

Having controls at your finger tips during racing is an absolute must with today's technology and cars.  However, it is a double edge sword with some combinations having up to 4 buttons.  From Street Cars to Pro Mods, you often see 2, 3, 4 buttons on a steering wheel with cords that run towards the dash.  The problem exists that when you remove the steering wheel and hang it up, or when you turn the steering wheel, these cords become tangled in each other, in the dash display mount, turn signal etc. and that will rip the cords out of even the highest quality buttons.  

This product helps to alleviate these issues in several ways.  By connecting the buttons via cords to a hard mounted connector on the steering wheel, we reduce the stresses and bend moments on the cords as they enter the buttons.  This will all but remove possibilities for damage on the buttons themselves.  

For years we have been designing and testing a RELIABLE solution for multi cord and steering wheel button wiring.  Trying to find the balance between durability, reliability, and cost effectiveness we have developed a mono cord design that solves every issue without sacrificing reliability as can be seen with cordless options (we spent time trying these as well).

This kit is designed to work with both 5 and 6 bolt steering wheels or quick release connections.  We have verified fitment with the following quick releases: Motion Raceworks SFI Weld On Quick Release (as included in Motion Raceworks columns), Mark Williams, MPI, and Strange. This is not designed to work with a factory column and a bolt on quick release. 

By removing multiple cords and having one point of contact and one cord, you will no longer need to worry about not only the unsightliness of multiple cords, but getting tangled, wrapped, and torn as a result.  This single cord can be fixed anywhere further down the column or dash in order to create the necessary slack needed to avoid tangling and wrapping around items that may tear the cords.

Positive strain relief back shell and custom Delron attachment secure the cord as it goes into the Deutsch connector.  This means that the pins and their connections are protected from pulling out, tearing, being stressed.  All pull is now on the outer casing of the wound cord, not the small wires or connections.  

The 90 degree strain relief backshell gets the cord out and away from the items of interest like the dash mount, turn signal etc.  This allows for a proper loop and slack to not tangle the cord.  

Because the cords are supported and not allowed to move at this point anymore, ripping cords out or damaging wires is now virtually a non issue.  Additionally we utilized a common and popular 8 pin Deutsch connector for quick disconnect and compatibility.  This allows you to quick disconnect the system when performing maintenance or while getting in and out of the vehicle.  In addition we utilized a strain relief back shell as well as designed and manufactured an additional strain relief cap to remove wire tearing/pulling out from the equation.  Finally we added a 4 pair 22awg coiled style wire.

***Note: Use zip tie in conjunction with round strain relief screw on cap to secure cord after wiring.***


  • Compatible with 5 and 6 bolt steering wheels
  • Compatible with nearly every quick disconnect on the market
  • 4 pair, (8) 22awg cord allows for wiring up to 4 two wire buttons
  • Quick Disconnect wiring
  • Double strain relief provides support and durability to your wiring and cords.


  • Billet Steering Wheel Connector Mount
  • Female 8 pin Deutsch Connector
  • Male 8 pin Deutsch Connector
  • 90° backshell
  • Delron Strain Relief Cap 
  • 9 male crimp pins
  • 9 female crimp pins
  • 4 pair coiled cord

Please note: this kit comes unassembled.  You will need to have the proper Deutsch pin crimpers in order to crimp and install this piece.  We suggest the HDT-48-00 from TE Connectivity.  

    Because the cord in this is 22 ga, we suggest using ground or low amp triggers on all circuits.  If you need to run a high amperage trigger we suggest running through a solid state relay or similar. Please consult wiring ga amperage rating/length data to confirm your item is compatible or if it needs to go through a relay.  

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