Motion Raceworks LS1 Engine Diaper, NHRA & IHRA Approved (For Motor Mounts (w/Cutouts)

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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Motion Raceworks LS1 Engine Diaper, NHRA & IHRA Approved (For Motor Mounts (w/Cutouts)

Our all new LS1 engine diaper was designed to be the premier oil retainment device for your LS engine. Made from ballistic Nylon with high heat resistant Kevlar support straps and CNC Laser and Formed bolt brackets, this diaper goes above and beyond to maximize durability and performance.We are very passionate about this product that can go the extra mile in making sure you racecar and investment come home safely by catching fluids that may otherwise make it to the racing surface. This diaper is NHRA AND IHRA approved.

This diaper features quick disconnect side straps for easy oil change, pan access, etc. With a formed fit bottom, adjustable horizontal straps both on the main pan and top most edge, you are ensured the most snug fit on all sides. The front and rear or the side "flaps" will also leave adequate room for turbo oil drain line routing, dry sump lines etc.


This diaper is made to work with the following pans:

  • Fbody
  • Holley Muscle Car
  • H3 hummer
  • Moroso without Kickouts
  • Holley 302-1 
  • Holley 302-2
  • Holley 302-3
  • Stef's COPO style 1025 pan

Note: Customers have claimed this fits an LS truck pan very well, though we cannot insure fitment.  


This diaper is available with or without motor mount cutouts.

Want to learn more about our engine diaper and install?  Watch here