Motion Raceworks Ford Godzilla Engine Lift Plate 26-190

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Motion Raceworks - 26-190



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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

We are discontinuing this item moving forward, so when these are out of stock, we will not be carrying them anymore. 

Motion Raceworks Ford Godzilla Engine Lift Plate 26-190

The Motion Raceworks makes moving, transporting, storing, installing, and removing the new Godzilla Ford line of engines an absolute breeze! This CNC laser cut plate setup has 5 holes for easy balance of an engine with or without transmission. The multiple hole positions also allow for easy installation where tipping transmission first into tight locations is a must. This plate utilizes all of the factory intake bolt holes, and also serves as a great way to seal a motor when not used and no intake is present. The coyote motor offers almost zero viable lifting locations that are easily accessible after the motor is in the chassis! Don't fight any longer with the factory lift mounts or simply putting chains on the exhaust studs as this can damage them.


  • 5 pickup points for easy balance or tipping of engine for install/removal
  • Zinc plated for long lasting finish without rusting
  • Comes with hardware
  • Built in hardware holders
  • Works on Godzilla engines
  • Seals Engine for storage
  • Laser Cut for perfect fitment

Learn how strong these lift plates are! Don't try this at home!