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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Motion Raceworks Coolant / Transmission Billet Overflow Catch Can 32-102

Our all new billet overflow catch can setup may be used with coolant or transmission fluid. Made in the USA to solve problems in the real world of building high performance builds. We designed this catch can to be a solution for either option of coolant or transmission fluid.  

Featuring a top port and a bottom port.  This affords you the ability to either catch and capture over flow fluid, or catch and drain back.  

Catch and capture: Run fluid to top of can, use plug or petcock for bottom port to drain when full.

Drainback: Run fluid to bottom of can, plug top port of catch can.  Mount can above top level of coolant reservoir or transmission.  Fluid will drain back as needed.  

Note: Top of can features mounting holes for bracket (included) as well as a weep hole for relieving pressure.  

Included in this kit:

  • Billet Catch Can Black Anodized
  • Mounting Bracket w/ hardware
  • 1/4" NPT Plug
  • 1/4" Pet cock for draining fluid
  • 1/4" NPT to 1/4" Push To Connect Fitting

Catch Can Top and Bottom Ports are both 1/4" NPT fitting size.

For 1/4" Push To Connect plastic line click this link:

For 1/4" Push To Connect fitting options click this link:


To Be Used As Coolant Overflow Radiator Recovery and Transmission Fluid Expansion Recovery Tank

 Learn more about safe placement of a coolant catch can by watching this video!