Motion Raceworks 4" Aluminum O-ring V-Band Set w/ Quick Release Clamp

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Motion Raceworks - 21-11040



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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

4" 6061 Aluminum O-ring V-Band Set w/ Quick Release Clamp 21-11040

Motion Raceworks V-band flanges are made to solve many of the common issues in fabrication as well as field usage of the product.  We wiped the slate clean and incorporated all of the concepts we knew would make the perfect V-band.  

4" OD tubing fits into these V-bands for easy welding and fabricating!


  • 6061 Aluminum Construction (US Material)
  • Male/Female V-band Flanges
  • Dovetail O-ring so the O-ring stays in place
  • Recess for piping
  • Low Profile Locating Shoulder
  • Quick Release Custom Made in the USA V-band Clamp 

This set is comprised of a Male and Female V-band flange.  The male flange has a dovetail O-ring groove so that it actively retains the o-ring (it is actually pressed into the groove).  This means when you take the V-bands apart the O-ring does not fall out, in the same respect you know that when you assemble two halves together the O-ring is seated and stays in place properly.  

Low Profile Locating Step: Internally to the V-band there is a very small locating shoulder.  This locates the two halves without making things hard to assemble

Recess for Piping: We build cars here so we know how important it is to have a counterbored recess for the tubing to locate into and bottom out against.  This allows for better fabrication and easier mockup.

Quick Release Clamp: This is the part that you use!  We have a quick release option STANDARD.  This means less chance of stripping out threads and easier servicing.  These clamps are Made in the USA specially for Motion Raceworks.  

Replacement clamps can be purchased here:

 To Learn More About What Makes Motion Raceworks Vband Kits so unique watch the video below