Motion Raceworks LSA ZL1 CTS-V Supercharger Steam Kit Coolant Crossover 10-10032

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Motion Raceworks - 10-10032


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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

LSA Supercharger Steam Kit Coolant Crossover for ZL1 and CTSV superchargers 10-10032

Balancing cylinder temperature in a boosted application is essential to building safe and durable tuneups.  LS engines come with 4 corner cooling capabilities, unfortunately many times they are blocked off creating "hot" cylinders in the rear two corners where air/steam gets trapped.  

Motion Raceworks Steam Kit for the LSA Supercharger applications provides a plug and play solution.  Including all Motion made billet components, bracketry, and Fragola line/fittings.  


    • (4) Corner Blocks (Black Anodized)
    • (1) Set of Gaskets for Corner Blocks
    • (1) 5 port Billet Manifold Block (Black Anodized)
    • (1) CNC Laser/Formed Aluminum Mounting Bracket (Black Anodized)
    • (4) Premade Fragola Black Lines
    • Necessary Fittings
    • Necessary Hardware

Watch this Video about where to run your vent line to: Very Important!

Does not work with factory plastic intake cover. Also will be extremely tight with any adaptors installed between the blower and the cylinder heads. May not fit with lid spacers either. 

Learn where to "return" your coolant crossover kit to by watching this video. Very Important!