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LS Stainless Coolant Crossover Steel Steam Vent Kit 10-10005

Our Stainless Steel Steam Vent System connects the 4 corners of your LS engine to remove trapped steam and get it where it needs to go. Steam / Built Up Pressure creates elevated temperatures. 

The LS engine has 4 corners for a reason and we suggest connecting them on ALL modified engines using whatever means are possible. When steam gets trapped pressures rise, when pressures rise it creates an unsafe tune condition which can lead to pre-detonation, head gasket failures, lean cylinders causing piston failure etc. Whether you are upgrading your LS1 Camshaft or adding boost or nitrous, this is a must have!

This system has proven itself time and time again in the real world with our customers. Adding this and our other style of steam vents have taken problematic combos where #8 and 7 cylinders were having gasket or lean issues and cures them.

It not only works well but looks amazing as well. This setup combines CNC aluminum manifold and corner ports with 304 stainless steel line. Each kit is hand built. Aluminum blocks are offered in black anodized finish.

We take pride in fitment and quality of this kit. Gaskets come at no extra charge.

This system bolts to ALL series LS engines. This system has been tested with the following intakes and is compatible with Texas Speed SR series intakes ( with remote mount map ), Holley Hi Ram, Holley Sniper, Edelbrock Pro-Flo XT, Edelbrock Super Victor, Texas Speed SR1 and SR3 Titan Intakes, Frankenstein intakes, Edelbrock Victor Junior, BTR Trinity Rectangle Port Intakes, & Stock Style Plastic Gen 3 Truck Intakes. Will fit nearly any of today's long runner style intakes.

*Note this kit will clear factory knock sensors on Gen 3 engines.

*Will not fit with Holley 300-132 or 300-129 Intake.

*Note: LS3 L92 and other heads have the rear ports blocked off. This block off is a simple aluminum plug. You can knock this plug out from the bottom out (if heads are off) with a punch. It can also be carefully drilled out as our corner blocks seal off the top flat surface. DO NOT enlarge the hole size overall. Care must be taken to not let aluminum chips fall into the head passage so we suggest multiple careful drills with vacuuming in between and possibly greasing the drill bit.

*Note: This kit will not fit with Low Pro plastic intakes (Factory LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, or the Fast 92/102 Intake) For a kit compatible with those intakes, use this link:

*Note: This kit will not fit with Gen4 Truck intakes. 


Replacement gaskets can be found by clicking this link 

Steam Vent requires 1.5 inches of clearance from valley cover to intake. 

Just because an intake is not listed as not fitting, doesn't mean it will fit. Please call us if you have any questions. 

Install Video Can be found by watching this video:


Installing a Steam Vent Kit?  Watch this Video!

Learn where to "return" your coolant crossover kit to by watching this video. Very Important!