LS Race Billet Valve Covers w/ Motion Quick Release Breathers 10-170

Motion Raceworks


Motion Raceworks - 10-170-1


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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

LS Race Billet Valve Covers w/ Motion Quick Release Breathers 10-170

This valve cover was built out of desire from the market.  A bare bones billet valve cover with Burn Down breathers and no other ports or oil caps.

These measure 1.33" from the mounting surface to the inside of the top of the valve cover.  Additionally, the reinforcement points for the valve cover bolts measure 0.375" tall inside the valve cover.

Installation Instructions: Click Here


  • Driver & Passenger Valve Cover
  • Burn Down Breather Fittings (Choose size in options)
  • Stainless Hardware to Bolt to Head
  • 1 Pair OEM Valve Cover Gaskets
  • 1 Set Extra O-Ring Seals for Hardware 


  • Bare Billet Aluminum Finish
  • Comes with Motion Raceworks Billet Quick Release Burn Down Breathers (choose fitting size below)
  • Stainless Hardware
  • Reuses Factory Gaskets
  • Locating shoulder doubles as oil rail to make sure valve covers stay in place and do not slide.  Rail also keeps oil from draining on to headers after removing valve cover.  
  • CNC Designed, Made, Machined, Assembled, Coated in the USA
  • Fits LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 LS7 LSA LS9 cylinder heads


Due to utilizing large burn down breathers, these covers do not come with any coil pack mounting provisions and will require remote mounting of the coils.

Oil Fill

In order to provide maximum valve train clearance versus valve cover size, these do not have any oil cap provisions and will require removing covers or filling through burndown ports, or dry sump oil tank fill.



These are designed to work with a common 2 bolt style "burn down" breather fittings as supplied. Breathers can be changed to point either forward or backwards and use an Oring seal to seal against valve cover.