LS IGN1A Smart Coil Brackets for LS1 Stock Valve Covers (PAIR) 10-10004

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LS IGN1A Smart Coil Brackets for LS1 Stock Valve Covers (PAIR) 10-10004

The IGN1A Smart Coil options are becoming increasingly popular for swaps.  Their relative cost compared to running factory coils (which are not as powerful) is very close.  Their nicer overall look and compatibility with aftermarket ECU make them a no brainer.  

Our Smart Coil mounting brackets for factory valve covers make them a no brainer as you no longer need to relocate coils to utilize them.  

These brackets are are CNC laser cut from 6061 aluminum and then anodized for a durable black finish.  Included are all stainless hardware for mounting coils and brackets to valve covers.  Best of all these brackets allow you to remove the valve covers without taking coil brackets off first.  Full access to the valve cover bolts is a life saver as most coil brackets do not allow this!  

Price is for pair (both valve covers and enough hardware for 8 coil-packs)

For wiring harness use Holley Part Number 558-312

****These will not work with LS3 style valve covers*****

Make sure your valve covers look exactly like the ones in the picture. The 'LS3 Style' valve covers have their coil mount studs much lower on the valve cover. 


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