Motion Raceworks LS DIY Steam Vent Coolant Crossover Kit 10-10007

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Motion Raceworks - 10-10007


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Motion Raceworks LS DIY Steam Vent Coolant Crossover Kit 10-10007

While our Stainless Steam Kit and V2 Flex Line Kit are extremely popular, there are many intakes that need options that we have not made a purpose built kit for.

Properly venting steam from the corner of your cylinder heads is an important part of creating a safe, balanced, and durable tune-up for your modified LS engine. Customers have reported less to no head gasket issues, better cooling (removed air pockets), easier air bleeding with initial coolant fill, and safer tunes when using a 4 corner steam kit properly.

Unlike some of the budget kits on the market, this kit is designed PROPERLY. Simply connecting all 4 corners in a series with ups and downs creates opportunity and voids for air pockets and does little to no good. Venting steam vertically to a high point and then sending that back to the radiator just below the pressure relief style cap on the radiator is the ideal and only correct way to remove steam from a system. The radiator cap will then relieve pressure as intended by its poundage rating and normal function.

Add in the optional radiator line kit with weld bung to run your steam vent from the main distribution block to the radiator which includes (4 ft.) 4AN black braided line, (2) straight fittings, (2) 4AN straight hose ends, radiator weld bung.

This kit uses all Made in the USA components including Motion Billet manifold pieces, as well as Fragola lines and fittings.

Installing a Steam Kit? Watch This Video!

Learn where to "return" your coolant crossover kit to by watching this video. Very Important!