Holley EFI HP and Dominator Cable Saver 18-10008

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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Holley EFI HP and Dominator Cable Saver 18-10008

The achilles heel of the very popular Holley EFI HP and Dominator system is the Mini USB port which is easily damaged.  Tripping over the cable, leaving attached to a laptop and walking away, and leaning on it wrong can result in damaging the hub/port and in turn create a costly repair, a lost day of racing, or worse a lost ECU if damaged bad enough.  Due to the Holley ECU being "potted" where they are injected with silicone potting to protect against vibration and elements these are difficult to fix and will require sending in which means downtime on your car.

SOOOOO Motion Raceworks designed this Holley "cable saver" which prevents all of the above.  Using the two existing mounting holes on the side of a Holley EFI ECU, this CNC Laser cut and formed bracket supports the hub which makes it nearly impossible to move or break the hub when the cable gets pulled on.  Additionally there are switchbacks on the side to allow you to further secure the cable so that any tension or pull will only damage the cable and not the port.  (note the mounting holes are slotted on the bracket so you can firmly push the bracket up to the USB hub to insure it is absolutely tight and secure with no wiggle).
The result of this bracket means you can literally swing an ECU around like a lasso and insure that you will only ever damage a cable, if that.  
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