RIFE M5 Cable Hub (4 input distribution hub) – (GSS-A)



RIFE - 52-1502



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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

RIFE M5 Cable Hub (4 input distribution hub) – (GSS-A)

We are here to make wiring easy and sensors more accurate and durable. The M5 Cable Hub – or “GSS-A” speeds, de-clutters, and simplifies wiring of up to 4 temperature or 0-5V analog sensors.  Outputs on the Sealed 6 Pin Deutsch connector are clean 0-5V analog signals compatible with any ECU or Datalogger. This means one sensor power and one sensor ground can be supplied into the box and it is distributed through a protected circuit to up to 4 sensors.

Available in two mounting configurations.

Surface Mount 52-1502: Has four 4-40 UNC holes on the back for mounting 

Flush mount 52-1501: Perfect to recess into a firewall or fenderwell.

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