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Gbody Bumper Support Brackets Long 6.5"


Motion Raceworks - 14-184

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use


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Gbody Bumper Support Brackets Long  For Offroad Use Only

Sold as a pair: two supports

**Please note: 1987-88 Monte Carlo SS use a different bolt pattern and these are not compatible.**

Please measure the distance as illustrated by this picture and compare to the length 6.5".  You will receive a pair of these with the measurement 6.5". Also verify that the mounts on your vehicle are clocked the correct way to work with our mounts.  We will not exchange or cover shipping if you do not read this portion or measure correctly.  

Gbody Bumper Support Measurement

Many Gbody bumper supports are either damaged (collapse), rusted out, or missing).

These fabricated mounts are heavy duty enough to mount a steel bumper off of (as opposed to the aluminum ones which are prone to cracking over time), and still give adjustability. 

Brackets are adjustable for centering and adjusting gaps.  

CNC lasered and fully tig welded.  

Will ship in raw steel (no coating).

Weight 4 lbs per pair (6 lbs weight savings)

Factory Weight 10 pounds per pair.