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Motion Raceworks Fuel Regulator Bracket for Side/Rear Mount 4150/4500 Intake Elbow (Magnafuel)


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This bracket makes fuel system plumbing that much easier. Our CNC laser and formed 4150 Fuel Pressure Regulator Mounting Bracket mounts a Magnafuel 9925, 9950, or 9945 series regulator in a clean, efficient, and sturdy manner. This makes mounting, plumbing, and line building a very simple task. This bracket is made to mount off of any 4150 or 4500 flange and features "slots" for dual pattern. This also can be mounted on either side or the rear of an intake elbow. This is only intended to work with the Magnafuel 9925 and 9950 series regulators, though it may be adapted to other regulators on the market, we cannot guarantee nor refund if it does not work with any other regulators. Magnafuel is the top of its class, so why use anything else? Standard in black anodized finish. Made in the USA. ​Note: Please verify clearance via pictures for your particular elbow. This was made to fit a variety of elbows, however, there are so many options on the market we cannot insure all will fit.