Billet Dual Channel In Line Flex Fuel Sensor Mount 6, 8, 10AN Sensor Not Included

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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Billet Flex Fuel Sensor In Line Sensor Mount For Feed or Return (6AN, 8AN, 10AN) (Sensor not Included)

Learn more about Flex Fuel Sensors by reading our blog: Click Here

Motion Raceworks In Line Flex Fuel Sensor Mount for use with E85 or Ethanol fuel systems to determine ethanol content.  This sensor is engineered with a dual channel flow through design to optimize flow, allowing flexibility for use in Feed OR Return lines.  This billet flow through component is internally optimized to flow MORE THAN a -10ORB or 10AN fitting.  This means that it can be truly used on a 10AN feed line without becoming a restriction in the system.  This offers peace of mind and performance advantages over running through the sensor only.  


  • Integrated mounting Bracket for mounting on frame rails/firewalls/strut towers and more!
  • Hardware Included
  • 10 ORB Female Ends easily accomodates many fitting options
  • Internally optimized for optimum flow for 6AN, 8AN, 10AN on feed OR return lines
  • Black Anodized to match fittings
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Reduces fittings and leak points
  • Less expensive than costly fittings and Y's 
  • Compact and Easy to Mount
  • Made in the USA 

Please note: this only works with the following part number sensor: ACDelco 13577429, 13507129. These can be found on Rockauto or other locations for around $50.  We do not sell this sensor as we do not want to mark it up to sell to you. Please make sure that the sensor you order is a genuine ACDelco sensor and not a "Comparable Part"

While it is internally flow optimized for 10AN, you can easily adapt to 6AN or 8AN using fittings in the options below.  You may also adapt up to 12AN, however, it will become a restriction in a 12AN line.  The part number for 12AN fittings to adapt to this are 495108-BL or can be found by following this link:


This piece has an integral bracket for mounting on a frame rail, floor, firewall, or other location.  The swiveling design allows for angling the electrical plug as well.

Note: Optional fittings are Motion Raceworks Fittings Made in the USA fittings with a high flow design.