Billet Burn Down Breather Quick Release Fittings Clear Anodized (Pair) 32-130

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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Billet Burn Down Breather Quick Release Fittings Clear Anodized (Pair) 32-130

Built completely from scratch, these burn down fittings were a request by racers, and we obliged. 

Featuring a unique quick release mechanism and sealing system, these make servicing your race car between rounds very easy while sealing effectively.

Mounting: These mount using a standard Burn Down style bolt pattern and opening such as those commonly found on Billet Hemi and Blown Alcohol/Fuel Engines. Machined into the bottom of the valve cover quick release attachment is a captured O-ring to create a leak free seal on smooth or rough finishes.

Fittings: These fittings are quick release and feature dual O-ring seal before the quick release pin. This means there will not be a leak out of the pin as common on other brands of these. Fittings are available in 12AN, 16AN, and 1.25" and must be selected in drop down prior to ordering.

Hardware: These have threaded 1/4-20 holes for attachment, different thickness valve covers may require different length hardware. 

*Note: Loctite must be used to secure the bolts when attaching this.*

For bolt pattern reference and sizing see the below drawing.


For an inexpensive cooling tip watch the video below