Motion Raceworks Single 12ORB Outlet Post Fuel Filter w/ Mount (10 Micron) 27-171

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Motion Raceworks - 27-171



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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Motion Raceworks Single 12ORB Inlet/Outlet Fuel Filter w/ integrated mount (10 Micron) 27-171

The integrated bracket system has a simple two bolt design that makes the filter mounting easy by bolting OR welding. The mounting bracket also allows you to unscrew the other side of the filter to service or replace the filter element without unbolting the bracket and fully removing the filter from the vehicle. 

Note: 10 micron is the filtration size that most fuel injector manufacturers call for pre injectors. 


  • Single 12ORB Inlet
  • Single 12ORB Outlet 
  • Integrated mounting bracket for low profile and easy mounting solution 
  • Completely Made in the USA
  • Billet Construction
  • Integrated 
  • True 10 micron Microglass Element 
  • Supports fuel systems over 10gpm 
  • Approved for use with Gasoline, Oxygenated, Ethanol and Alcohol Fuels
  • Hard anodized 

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*For Racing Use Only*

Completely Made in the USA

For 10 micron replacement element 27-17006: Click Here

We recommend replacing the micro glass filter often to reduce the risk of blockage due to the size of the filter pores. These filters are not able to be reused or cleaned unlike the stainless 100 micron. Failure to replace this may cause premature failure and extra stress on fuel pump.