1994-04 S10/Sonoma Parachute Mount 14-162

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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

1994-04 S10/Sonoma Parachute Mount 14-162

This Motion Raceworks 1994-04 S10/Sonoma/Blazer Parachute Mount is a great NHRA & IHRA track legal option to stop your vehicle safely, but look good while doing it. Made in the USA, we fully TIG weld a combo of DOM Chromoly Tubing and CNC Laser Formed Brackets for a strong but lightweight design. From there the mount is inspected and prepped for its standard gloss black powder coat finish to become the highest quality piece on the market!

The Frame Cross Bar is designed to bolt on to your factory frame mounts replacing the factory crash bar/bumper support. With a cross bolt receiver design this allows for easy installation and with removal of one bolt, the Parachute Receiver Mount comes out. Then the hole can be quickly hidden with a license plate for street driving, trailering, or storage when not at the track.

Parts Included:

  • Frame Cross Bar Mount
  • Parachute Receiver Mount
  • All Necessary Grade 8 Hardware (some kits reuse factory hardware)

We also highly suggest picking up our Parachute Essentials Kit when ordering. This gives you a billet end cap for your cable to avoid snags that would prevent the parachute from deploying as well as a cable holder and Remove Before Flight Flag

If you are interested in some optional parts with the parachute mount, please check out the links below for info or purchasing. Refer to the picture chart above for parachute sizing and specifications. 

We do not suggest use of a spring/pilot (this style) parachute mount on any blazer platforms. There is an area of dead air in the rear of these vehicles that will not allow the parachute to function properly.

Optional Parts:

Install Notes:

Some frames have been known to "spread" or separate side to side. Use the supplied bolts to pull the frame back together as it is the furthest most point on the bed and is unsupported. This parachute mount will now act as a strengthening piece as well. This parachute mount was built on a virgin S10 platform and verified on multiple others, we then jig build the mount for accuracy and repeatability. 

Slight trimming of sheet metal hanging down from bed will need to be done to allow the "receiver" portion of the parachute mount to pass through.

Watch this video to learn how to cut the perfect hole through your bumper when mounting your parachute mount

Watch these videos and learn how to pack your Stroud Safety Parachute!


Want to learn how to adjust the length of your parachute cable? Click here!


NOTE: With hardware fully tightened, we always recommend welding the parachute mount to the vehicle for added strength and security as not to rely on only the hardware.

***For off-road racing use only***