1993-02 Mark IV Toyota Supra Front Medium Duty Drag Brake Kit F3 4 Piston 001-0292-1

TBM Brakes


TBM Brakes - 001-0292-1


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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use


This kit fits and bolts to the factory front spindles for 1993-02 Toyota Supra Mark IV  

54lbs total weight savings over factory brakes

Kit includes:

  • F3 4 piston calipers 002-0056SSP-1 / 002-0056SSP-2
  • #1 Standard F3 Pads 6-1020W
  • (2) 11.50 x .375 steel revolution rotors 3-1150375D
  • (2) Aluminum rotor hats 204-0228
  • Aluminum caliper mounting brackets 16-0271-1 / 16-0271-2
  • Mounting hardware kit 

Installation of this kit will require 3AN lines that are sold separately

We recommend using TBM DOT 5.1 Extreme 6 Brake Fluid for all TBM Brake Kits. You'll need at least 4 (12 oz) bottles of fluid when building and plumbing a new system that is empty.