Motion Raceworks Fox Body Mustang Lower Radiator Support and Intercooler Mounting System (Bolt In/Weld In) 1979-93

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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

The Motion Raceworks Chromoly Tubular Radiator Support Gives you all of the benefits of a lightweight lower radiator support to replace the often twisted and destroyed factory units. This tubular support is able to be bolted in OR welded in. Simply hold up to frame rails in position you wish to mount and drill 8 holes.

All Hardware is supplied. 


Brackets Included Not Welded: Includes Radiator Saddles and Intercooler bracketry but unwelded, main bar and frame rail brackets welded.

Brackets Welded: Includes Radiator Saddles and Intercooler bracketry pre welded.  Note, intercooler bracketry does not interfere with anything if not being used.

This Lower radiator support is made to work with a 28x19x3 radiator as optioned below. We cannot guarantee saddle placement/fitment on any other brand radiator. If you wish us to leave saddles loose please choose so in options below.

Another unique feature of this product is the ability to mount an intercooler. We designed this support around a Treadstone 1035 and 1045 single in/single out intercooler, customers have also reported it works great with the 1245 Intercooler also with small bumper trimming. In the options below you can add brackets to bolt directly to the intercooler with no other modification needed. This mount allows easy mounting of a 1035 or 1045 Treadstone intercooler with VERY LITTLE modification to even an LX front bumper. With slotted holes, you have the ability to move the intercooler forward and rear and tilt with ease to put in the exact position that works with your car. If you do not wish to mount a Treadstone brand intercooler, this radiator support can be purchased with welded tabs on support to easily build bracketry from.

***Note, for proper installation and fitment, this mount requires slight grinding and removal of factory frame rail tabs so that this mount will fit snug and properly. See pictures.***​

*Though we have these welded and in stock, please allow 1-2 days for shipment as we weld mounts on as orders come in*