Can I add CO2 Assist Later if my shifter did not come equipped?

Yes, the Operator costs the same when buying shifter and co2 assist separately or as one piece. See our instructions for easy 2 minute installation.

My Shifter does not seem to be moving freely, what is causing this?

All shifters are tested and quality checked before shipment. If your shifter seems to be not shifting freely please check for cable bind. Also if you have installed any of our accessories, make sure that you did not over tighten the side plate/accessory bolts when reassembling.

Can my Operator shifter be used with another brand cable bracket and linkage connection on the transmission shift linkage? 

No, our shift linkage and pan bracket is designed specific for our shifters

Can I use a different brand cable than the one supplied?

No, our cables have a specifically designed "throw" length and design and it makes our shifters incompatible with other brands of cable.

What is the best shift cable routing?

You need to keep the shift cable as loosely routed to avoid binds or restrictions/drag on the cable when in operation. Tight and bound cables have potential for shifter malfunction and premature wear on cable.

What should my CO2 Pressure be set at?

We recommend no 80psi for the shifter air input. This shifter was designed to operate at lower pressure settings to match other co2 items in your vehicle such as boost controllers and air assist parachute handles. While the cylinder and shifter can be shifted at higher pressure, it can lead to premature wear and damage on the shifter plates.

When my air shift is activated it will not come out of gear, what should I do?

This is caused by incorrect shift settings in your ECU and is not a function of the ECU.

My 3 or 4 speed shifter will not shift properly between gears?

All shifters are tested and quality verified before leaving our facility. Often times improper adjustment at the transmission linkage will cause the shifter to not shift correctly or get "hung up" in gears. Often times the barrel will slide in and out of the shift lever but can be turned one or more turns each direction and still smoothly slide in and out of the linkage. Try these different combinations while still insuring that it is "free".