Tech Tip Tuesday is a Youtube series where we cover some short topics about building and racing today's modern race cars!

Turbo Oil Drains: Do's and Don'ts. We actually developed a product to solve all of these issues, and to improve what was available and to avoid having to look for those gaskets when you take things apart!

Transmission Pressure Matters: Both for Tuning and for making sure you do not push the thrust bearings out of an engine.  Most ignore transmission pressure all together, but it can be one of the most important sensors in your combo!

Free Fix to keep your Turbo from Smoking: This tip is often over looked and is a FREE fix.  This isn't the only reason a turbo might smoke, but should be the first avenue you explore.  

Fuel Pressure Sensor Easy Hookup!: Often forgot about until wiring starts, this solution is a few minute fix/solution and will get you rocking and rolling without remaking lines or re fabricating things!

NPT ORB AN Face Seal and where they are used!  Fitting sealing differences! If you don't plumb cars all day or very often this can be a confusing and scary topic. This Tech Tip Tuesday sheds some light on the differences and what you need to do when you encounter them.  ORB = Oring Seal, AN = 37* Seal NPT = Interference seal Face Seal = Crush washer / gasket seal.

Getting an accurate fuel pressure gauge!  Small fuel regulator mount or fuel rail mount gauges could not be less accurate most of the time.  If you have ever used one, they change pressure wildly, but the reason why is quite simple. Luckily our friends at Aeromotive came up with a solution and a high quality gauge!  Must watch video!

YOU COULD RUIN YOUR TURBOS when open trailering a car if you don't watch this video.  Happens a few times every year and can be completely avoided for basically free!  Cliff notes: Turbos don't have proper lubrication when the engine isn't running.  

Proactive safety is the best strategy.  You should not be going down a racetrack without one of these! any speed!

Holley Sniper Easy Start up Tip: Nothing is worse than a car that cranks forever before starting.  This tip will remedy that with your Holley Sniper 4150 or 4500 system!

Don't Head to the Track again without watching this video about shock tuning...  This Tech Tip can cure your race car blues with ease!  Mark Menscer number 1 tip that will create consistency in tuning single and double adjustable shocks and your suspension.  

Engine Limiters are an important part to run with Motor and Mid Plates: This is a safety concern and also effects tuning. Here is why.  Side note: we make some really easy to fab and use swiveling limiters that reduce build time significantly!

Turbo LS Feed and Drain Location: Need we say more? Stop guessing, here is what works!

Inside of a Hall Effect Sensor: Sometimes we get customers who have erratic signals and they used to make no sense.  This simple tip can save you SO MUCH time trying to track down the issue with your driveshaft sensor signal!  Our minds were blown when we cut apart a sensor!

Running Stock LS heads? This part can save your car from immediate danger!  Each year we see this issue get posted dozens of times and we decided to make a solution to remedy the problem!

Beadlocked Wheels (especially when running Drag Radials) are a MUST and here is why! We sit down with racer, friend, huge supporter of Drag Racing Tommy Kirk of Mac Fab Beadlocks to learn all about Bead Locks and why they are a SAFETY device as much as they help performance.

EFI wiring basics: Clean Power and Ground! If you are wiring a car from scratch, you won't want to miss this one!  This tip can be the difference between a good running car and a poor running one. 

Can My wheels be beadlocked?  All wheels of proper diameter size can be single bead locked, but not all widths and backspacing wheels can be DOUBLE bead locked.  Watch this video to learn what can and cannot.  

Installing a Parachute Mount? Watch this video on how to make sure the hole you cut through your bumper is perfect, not oversized, and presentable on the first try!

How to Install and setup an LS timing pointer: On factory ecu engines this isn't as big of an issue as they have an adaptive learn.  On aftermarket ECU's, this can be the difference between a safe (and or powerful) tune and one that will have Uncle Rodney come knocking on your door.

How to cut / shorten a parachute cable the right way... Without frayed wires everywhere that can get caught in the parachute fabric and be dangerous.

Dirty Fuel System will RUIN YOUR LIFE: Cliff note: parts do not come clean when new, just like valvetrain and engine components, fuel system needs to be completely cleaned before use.  Watch this video to learn more!

Relays, arguably the Most important component in wiring and where they should be used!  We explain how they work to make them easier and more commonly used on YOUR build!

Fuel Pump Inlet size MATTERS: It can literally be the reason you don't make more power on your combo... 

Suspension Travel Limiters: Wheelies break parts and make your car slower...  Don't even head to the track again without some sort of suspension travel limiter.  They will make tuning so much easier, and save you thousands in broken parts!

Torque Converter Spacing: If you don't do this properly you can ruin a transmission, engine, or both!

Fuel System Design: Making power is about more than just bolting a bigger pump on.  The entire design matters, watch this video to learn more!

Engine Miss could be a Broken Spark Plug? Could be causing you issues and you may not be able to see it! Watch this video to learn more that could save you so much time! They are way more delicate than anyone knows!

Electric Cooling Fan Wiring and Setup!  This could DRASTICALLY improve performance and the life of your fans if you aren't wiring and controlling your fans like this!

Steering Shaft Tips: Building a new Intermediate steering shaft with U joints?  You'll want to watch this video.  If you didn't know U joint timing was important, you will after watching this video!

Gen V Fuel System Tips: This is a part thats often over looked but can drastically limit power and can even keep your engine from running!  A Must do for any swap or upgraded Gen V powered vehicle! Plus it looks cleaner!