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About Us

Who we are

Like any good American success story, Motion Raceworks was founded in Doug Cook's 2 car garage in 2015. What was a hobby for Doug Cook, Andy Cook, and Brian Jack turned into what we know as Motion Raceworks today!


Motion was founded with $3000, a welder, some hand tools, and a whole lot of innovation and drive to make things a little better! Today we keep these principles and use them to drive every business decision and part design we start out to bring to market!

The journey so far!

Since 2015 we have moved from a 3 person operation in our basement to a state of the art production facility for both fabricated/welded components to CNC machined pieces.  

Our company is made up of motivated groups including engineering, machining, welding, assembly, logistics, sales, and R&D! This has set us up perfectly to take ideas and dreams and turn them into finished tested parts that are ready to set records, win races, and improve build quality for vehicles both on and off the track!

"High Performance Parts should be Innovated and Made in the USA"

- Doug Cook

Our values

We believe you don't have to talk about the old days to talk about when things were great! The team at Motion strives to bring manufacturing back to the USA, which is why "Made in the USA" is talked about all day, everyday. In bringing products back to the USA tradition we also strive to innovate.  

Motion invests daily into new technology, great American labor, and our future to insure we continue our climb to the top of the High Performance world because we believe doing things the right way with no shortcuts will win every time!

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