Motion Raceworks SINGLE Wastegate Turbocharged CO2 Kit

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Motion Raceworks SINGLE Wastegate Turbocharged CO2 Kit

The Motion Raceworks Single Turbo CO2 Kit takes the guess work out of fittings. This all inclusive kit comes with top quality fittings, regulator, line, and bottle to plumb any Boost Controller system on the market.

There are enough fittings in this kit to plumb the following:

  • CO2 Bottle
  • Solenoids
  • Wastegate
  • Intake
  • Blow off Valve 

The CO2 regulator is adjustable for nearly every setup (the boost controller regulates pressure down from there). Our nickel plated fittings are 1/8 NPT which work with nearly every brand wastegate, blow off valve, and solenoid on the market. This is a very standard fitting size across brands such as Tial, JGS, Precision, Turbosmart, Procharger, and many others.

This kit includes:

  • (6) 90° Nickel Plated Push To Connect 1/8" NPT Fittings
  • ​(3) Straight Nickel Plated Push to Connect 1/8" NPT Fittings
  • (1) Nickel Plated Push to Connect T Fitting
  • (1) Sensor T (Male, Female, Female) 1/8" NPT for Dome Pressure Sensor on Wastegate
  • (1) 2.5 lb. Aluminum CO2 Bottle
  • (1) Adjustable Regulator with Bottle and Line Pressure Gauges
  • ​(20 ft.) Black Push To Connect Line

***Note:  These bottles are only date certed.  We cannot nor will not guarantee they meet any regulations out of the United States as every country has their own regulations.***

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