F3 Replacement Pads #1 Compound (full set) 6-0102W

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TBM Brakes - 6-0102W-MRW


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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

F3 Replacement Pads (full set) 6-0102W

Note: Full set means two wheels worth (4 pads)

#1 Standard Compound

TBM designs its calipers around common brake pad shapes which means that, although we name these pads by the TBM caliper they fit, the will also fit many other racing brake calipers. For instance, these F3 pads are the standard “4 inch” pad shape, they fit the TBM F3, as well as many other (non TBM) calipers. This pad shape is extremely popular in oval track racing and is used in virtually all rear drag race brake kits. Learn more about the available compounds from the link below or select your choice from the dropdown.