What Fuel Line Do You Need to run with E85 and Ethanol, or Methanol Fuel?

What Fuel Line Do You Need to run with E85 and Ethanol, or Methanol Fuel?

What Fuel Line Do You Need to run with E85 and Ethanol, or Methanol Fuel?

The use of Ethanol and Methanol fuels has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with the rise of high horse power turbo supercharged blown EFI engines.  The E85 or Ethanol proves to be a cost effective fuel that can provide octane and power potential needed for demanding applications.  Additionally it can have a cooling effect on intake charges.  

However, Ethanol can be corrosive, create a gel like substance in some instances, and may damage fuel system components that would otherwise not be effected by gasoline and race gas.  

Special fuel filters must be used, and you certainly want to make sure your fuel pump is compatible, but what about fuel line?  

Motion Raceworks works, sells, and carries only parts we believe in and have used ourselves.  Which is why the only brand on fittings and hose on our website are Fragola fittings and line.  They're Made in the USA and are consistently what Fragola claims them to be.  So you have two options listed below.

Fragola Premium Black Nylon Race Hose  

Available Sizes 4AN to 16AN

This hose can be found HERE 

Fragola Premium Black Nylon Race Hose is one of the only standard AN style hose that holds up to Ethanol and Methanol alike.  This is a rubber inner hose that has impregnated stainless steel reinforcement woven into it.  The outside is covered with a black nylon braid that adds durability, reduces abrasion, sound transfer into the cockpit, heat, and adds strength. Unlike many of the competitors it does not breakdown from Ethanol use.  We have tested this on our own builds and it is a great cost effective option!  This is the same hose Larry Larson used on his Methanol fueled Drag Week S10 when he became the first street car to go 5 seconds in the 1/4 mile.  


  • Operation Pressure of 500PSI
  • Reinforced SIngle Braid of Corrosion Resistent 302 Stainless Wire
  • Operation Range -40*F to +300*F
  • Black Braided Nylon Cover makes it lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and durable.
  • Works with 2000 series Hose Ends, 3000 Series Hose Ends, and Sport Crimp Hose Ends

Fragola Real Street PTFE Hose 

Available Sizes 4AN to 12AN

This PTFE hose can be found by clicking HERE

Fragola PTFE hose is available in both stainless outer braid and black coated.  This CONDUCTIVE style PTFE uses an outer braid and an inner PTFE liner that is highly resistant to breaking down from chemicals as well as heat. Conductive line is important to use and consider if choosing a PTFE option as the static charge created by fuel flow can actually arc / burn and cause charges that will lead to fire.  

PTFE is much harder to assemble but longevity wise it is not prone to temperature and pressure.  This makes it an excellent option for corrosive fuel, as well as power steering lines, turbo oil lines, etc.  For these reasons it is also a great option for E85 and Ethanol fuels as well as Methanol.  

One drawback to PTFE line is the cost.  All in with fittings and hose it is a substantial price increase.  

Have questions on how to assemble the two style lines?  Watch this video!

Check out our entire inventory of Fittings and Hoses by going to the link below!


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