Stepping Up To The Plate: Brett Lasala New Coyote Mustang Will Challenge Many

Stepping Up To The Plate: Brett Lasala New Coyote Mustang Will Challenge Many

Stepping Up To The Plate: Brett Lasala New Coyote Mustang Will Challenge Many

Photos: Mike Pryka

Article: Doug Cook

Throughout the history of racing it is common for a class to begin, become popular, and then quickly crushed by a few fierce competitors. Wherever challenge exists, someone will take it to the next level, you can count on that.

Brett Lasala has decided this is his mission in the "street car" class world as commonly seen at TX2K, FL2K, World Cup, and many more but while fitting the rules. After being the guy who has been nipping at the heels of the top contenders for years, he decided the games are over and he is making wholesale changes to his program. You may remember him with his car named "The Snot Rocket", an S197 Mustang in Margarita Green that was not too awfully far from the car that once rolled off the assembly line in weight looks, and even ammenities, just add 1600 or so horsepower. Brett and his best friend Jim Braun spent what seems like a lifetime perfecting these Coyote combinations as well as the transmissions and power plants that go with them.


Fast forward to the end of 2021, Brett called me and said you know what, I am done messing around and I want to build something next level. Knowing the type of competitor, builder, and person Brett is we said Motion absolutely wants to be a part of this bad machine!

Enter the Snot Rocket 2.0. It is lighter, it is a previously proven chassis, and it incorporates all of Brett and Jim and the team at Real Street dream parts with many improvements that they have desired for years.


Brett serves as the shop lead at Real Street, an innovative and cutting edge company that much like Motion Raceworks is trying to improve and add new life to their marketplace. They are using this car as a test bed for a lot of things and we love how they operate.

I gotta admit, when he told me which car he was building, and I saw pictures I was like, oh boy, this is going to stir up some drama, but at the same time this thing could ruin the "street car" classes as we know them, but hey someone is going to do it.

When I asked Brett about this thing being quite borderline he responded.

"I agree, I do. It's a race car that the car is built to drag race but it can drive and do what a street car can do. This actually handicaps it as a race car though. Plus it fits the class rules. Maybe the car will eventually turn into a full fledged race car, maybe they'll change the rules on me. I think the class is going to evolve eventually."

You may remember this car previously owned and raced by Joel Steele. It was a stick shift Coyote car that set record after record in the stickshift world. However, do not let this discount the fact that outside of the suspension Brett and team have re-engineered and rebuilt this to fit their needs and goals. They received the car as a rolling chassis which was a clean slate of sorts for the team at Real Street to get going!

From power combination to electronics and everything in between this car was a chance for them to bring their dream car alive. Featuring a Fast Forward Race Engines 302 cubic inch Coyote 4v Ford engine paired with a lockup style TH400. The engine will be delivered massive amounts of boost (45+ psi) by a pair of Precision 7675 Gen 2 Sportsman turbos. Fuel and Ignition will be controlled by a Motec M150 paired with their PDM and Dash.

This car also hosts a myriad of Motion family of race car parts. Brett opted to plumb and monitor data in the car with our state of the art RIFE sensors (Click HERE to learn more). Displayed right on the firewall these dual quad blocks deliver ALL THE DATA in an accurate, fast, and durable fashion. On the transmission it features a triple pressure block and utilizes the built in expandable temperature sensor which uses an M5 cable to easily wire things in tandem.

Stopping this car is a set of TBM Brakes front and rear featuring F1 front calipers and F3 4 piston rear calipers.

In addition to the heads up events, Brett and Jim plan to take this new ride on several Drag and Drive events like Rocky Mountain Raceweek. If this happens, this certainly stands to challenge the status quo of some of the bigger name common top performers at this event. And we love every minute of folks having to work harder and cars having to go faster to win. 

Lets get down to numbers. Brett's previous car weighed 3450 pounds and went 6.98@206. This car is estimated to weigh 2850 or less with him in the drivers seat. With bigger turbos and signifcantly less weight, things could get REALLY interesting. "I don't have a set in stone ET goal, you know the faster you go the harder it is to make it go faster... I would like to push to try to go 6.50s. Ultimately it is to continue the coyote platform into faster and faster ET's, and see how fast it can go in a car that is suited to go faster." says Lasala.

Last but not least, don't worry, Brett says that the car WILL get repainted his signature Margarita Green very soon. For now, enjoy these pictures from TX2K delivered to us by our very own in house photographer, Mike Pryka.

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