Why Your LS Engine Needs a Steam Vent Kit: 5 Facts About 4 Corner LS Coolant Crossover Steam Kits:

Why Your LS Engine Needs a Steam Vent Kit: 5 Facts About 4 Corner LS Coolant Crossover Steam Kits:

Why Your Turbo Supercharged or Naturally Aspirated LS Engine needs Steam Vent Kit: 5 Facts About 4 Corner LS Coolant Crossover Steam Kits

1.Early LS engines came with 4 corner versions, Later Model engines only had the front two ports used as the intakes did not allow for routing under the intakes

2. They make tuning your LS engine easier and make your tunes safer! Air pockets create pressure which increases temperature.  Not having all 4 corners of your coolant crossover will allow steam pockets (aka pressure) to build up in the highest point of your cylinder head and create hot pockets.  This can cause an unsafe tune which will detonate / cause the cylinder to change fueling requirements which can be catastrophic.

3. They Make Bleeding air out of a cooling system easier! Simply remove the common line that typically goes to your radiator, turn on your waterpump (if electric) or start the engine (if mechanical) and run your line from the steam kit (coolant crossover) into a large container or bucket until you see no more air bubbles come out.  This makes bleeding the cooling system on your LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 LS7 LSA LS9 LSX engine very easy!  Be sure to plug the radiator port you remove the hose from.  This is best done when the engine is not hot as it can become a safety hazard to handle hot fluids.  We suggest doing so with a cool engine!

4. The Common Line (line to your radiator) needs to be routed to a point directly below your radiator cap not the water pump! Route to a spot just below the radiator cap, DO NOT ROUTE THIS TO THE OVERFLOW PORT typically right below the radiator cap, that is a pressure relief port. Run coolant crossovers to just below that position on the radiator tank, many radiators from LS powered factory vehicles already have a nipple here. This will allow the radiator cap to relieve the steam/pressure buildup as it builds and reaches the rating on the cap.  LS Swap radiators commonly do not have this location below the radiator cap.  Do not run the line to your water pump as this just reintroduces the pressure/steam back into circulation.  

5. Different Intakes require different Steam Line setups: Due to how low the intake sits will determine which line kit you need.  For instance a factory LS1 2 or 3 intake will use our V2 Flex Line Kit, High Rise Intakes like the Holley Hi Ram or Edelbrock Pro Flo will use our Stainless Steam Kit, and LSA LS9 superchargers will use our LSA Steam Kit due to how large the superchargers are and how far they hang off on the corners.  We also sell a DIY kit for intakes not covered/offered with a direct fit kit.  

Click this link for a full listing of our steam kits! 



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